Officials register Putin 2012 websites

Revelations that a Russian state agency had snapped up website names including Putin2012.rf sparked speculation Friday that Prime Minister Vladimir Putin plans to return to the Kremlin in 2012.

It headlined its story "Putin has registered for the elections," amid feverish debate over whether Putin will stand for election in 2012 or whether President Dmitry Medvedev will run for a second term.

The Federal Guard Service, which is in charge of protecting the president, prime minister and other high officials, has registered domains in the Cyrillic alphabet including Putin-2012.rf, website reported Friday.

Putin and Medvedev have said that they will come to a gentleman's agreement and only one will stand. In the absence of firmer information, the smallest sign of possible intentions is seized on by Kremlin watchers.

The domain registration website writes that the Cyrillic domain Putin-2012.rf was bought by the Federal Guard Service in August, along with domains such as Premier2012. Neither address was working Friday afternoon.

None of more than 400 domains registered by the Federal Guard Service uses Medvedev's name in conjunction with the election year 2012 or gives any other hint at elections.

All Souls' Day Halloween

All Souls' Day - celebration of the dead. Living dead go to the cemetery to visit, and superstitious people believe that the dead came to the living. Humans, and today we hear stories about the dead men šiurpiausių visit to the living. Perhaps no other people are so afraid of corpses. It has since ancient times. Probably because such a strong cult of worship of the dead.
Souls of Lithuanian origin in the belief that the dying man is separated from the body soul, which then interacts with the living, to attend. Ghost in honor of the festival to the pagan tradition of the times. It is autumn, removed from time derlių.Etnografai argues that the cult of the dead and ancestral characteristic farming nations. In the All Souls' Day is preparing a feast in the cemetery or at home. Refreshments wanted pasigerinti vėlėms that they do not harm. The custom of eating at the graves, leave them on bread, porridge, eggs, pour cemeteries milk, honey and wine were the most common Slavic, Greek, Romanian peoples. Such was the custom in Lithuania.

The expulsion of Roma condemned Sarkozy has promised to dismantle "all the illegal camp '

French President Nicolas Sarkozy, European Union leaders meeting overshadowed by the turmoil of the Roma (Gypsies), sent from France, said that France dismantle "all the illegal camps.
At a press conference he also said that France "great" offended by the comparison with the expulsion of Roma World War II actions.

The European Commission's justice commissioner Viviane Reding said this week that it believed that the return of the Roma in Bulgaria and Romania, noted World War II deportations.

It also threatened to bring proceedings before the European Court of Justice of Paris, the strict treatment of the Roma.

"Those words have been highly insulting - Mr Sarkozy said. - I, as head of state, the duty to defend France.

Anti-War Politics

The anti-war movement and message has probably been going on for as long as war itself. In more recent times however, the anti-war movement has become a potent political force that has helped to change the nature of public policy and influence the decisions of various national governments. The term ‘anti-war’ can refer to a particular nations decision to avoid a war situation, although it is also applied to individual movements within a nation who may already be at war. Anti-war politics is often distinguished from the politics of the peace movement, the former of who work at a grassroots level to protest, campaign and influence governments to put a stop to an existing war situation.

Just like any group of people who may share common beliefs, there are a variety of methods that the anti-war movement may use in an attempt to influence government policy. Some anti-war campaigners may attempt to get involved in the official decision making processes by becoming an active part of the government at some level, while others may protest in an attempt to influence the system from the outside. While the peace movement and the anti-war movement may share a lot of common politics, the peace movement is generally more tied up with the notion of pacifism – a belief that not all anti-war campaigners may share.

Cruiser cam catches 100 mph crash

SUGARCREEK TWP., Montgomery Co. (WDTN) - The cruiser cam video that captured a horrific single car crash on Interstate 675 in Beavercreek, Ohio Aug. 23 has gone viral on the internet.

Brennan S. Eden, 19, of Mason, Ohio, lost control of his car and slammed into the concrete pillar of a bridge south of Indian Ripple Road about 7:15 a.m.

Песня "О мальчике Бобби, который любил деньги".

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минимум вложений - можно начать с 1 доллара, потраченного на покупку канцелярского ножа
простота организации - можно начать одному, легкодоступные материалы, в качестве помещения на первых порах можно использовать даже квартиру
простота изготовления – сложность изготовления рекламы это старательно поддерживаемый миф самими изготовителями. На самом деле сделать объемную светящуюся букву, световой короб или уголок покупателя довольно легко – не сложнее чем, например, склеить модель самолета из набора готовых деталей.
всегда есть спрос - постоянно открываются магазины, кафе, бары, офисы и т.д. – всем нужны вывески, оформление витрин и те же уголки покупателя

средний срок службы вывески – 3-5 лет, затем требуется или обновление, или замена, или предприятие меняет название (фирменный стиль и т.д. – самый известный пример это смена фирменного стиля (ребрендинг) МТС, когда потребовалось заменить вывески на каждой точке по всей стране)

About gammmes

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I Married My Online Date!

I laugh now when I look back on my days as a single guy, continually on the lookout for a new girl or a new date. It was an ongoing game with no end in sight as I dated one girl after another and spent meaningless hours making small talk with women who didn’t interest me in the least. But I kept playing the game. Who knows, I thought, perhaps it will be the next one. I’d been on the singles market for some time and I was feeling depressed one evening when I mentioned the subject to a friend over a drink.

“Have you tried the online dating sites,” he asked. “What!” I replied. “Look at all those fake ads and pictures of movies stars that people post?” I was horrified by the very thought. I have no problem finding a date, I assured myself. My problem is that none of them is suitable. I feel I can go on like this for years. I am hopelessly single and stuck in some rut where I will never meet the right woman. Anyway, how can online dating help me?

That evening, I went home, had dinner and sat myself down in front of the television. The thought that my friend had planted lurked at the back of my mind. Finally, I stood up and shuffled over to my computer.

Anti-War Politics

The anti-war movement and message has probably been going on for as long as war itself. In more recent times however, the anti-war movement has become a potent political force that has helped to change the nature of public policy and influence the decisions of various national governments. The term ‘anti-war’ can refer to a particular nations decision to avoid a war situation, although it is also applied to individual movements within a nation who may already be at war.


This article is about the mineral. For the gemstone, see Diamond (gemstone). For other uses, including the shape ◊, see Diamond (disambiguation).
Featured article
Seven clear faceted gems, six small stones of similar size and a large one.
A scattering of round-brilliant cut diamonds shows off the many reflecting facets.
Category Native Minerals
Chemical formula C
Molar mass 12.01 g·mol-1
Color Typically yellow, brown or gray to colorless. Less often blue, green, black, translucent white, pink, violet, orange, purple and red.
Crystal habit Octahedral
Crystal system Isometric-Hexoctahedral (Cubic)
Cleavage 111 (perfect in four directions)
Fracture Conchoidal (shell-like)
Mohs scale hardness 10
Luster Adamantine
Streak Colorless
Diaphaneity Transparent to subtransparent to translucent
Specific gravity 3.52±0.01
Density 3.5–3.53 g/cm3
Polish luster Adamantine
Optical properties Isotropic
Refractive index 2.418 (at 500 nm)
Birefringence None
Pleochroism None
Dispersion 0.044
Melting point Pressure dependent
References [1][2]

In mineralogy, diamond (from the ancient Greek αδάμας – adámas "unbreakable") is an allotrope of carbon, where the carbon atoms are arranged in a variation of the face-centered cubic crystal structure called a diamond lattice. Diamond is less stable than graphite, but the conversion rate from diamond to graphite is negligible at ambient conditions. Diamond is renowned as a material with superlative physical qualities, most of which originate from the strong covalent bonding between its atoms. In particular, diamond has the highest hardness and thermal conductivity of any bulk material. Those properties determine the major industrial application of diamond in cutting and polishing tools.

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