any role in the runescape

The making of homemade generals how the system A:? can look at this video: Click to enter Q: Some of the role of the EX weapon replaced the previous DLC weapons, they did the previous EX technology yet? A: No, EX skills their old weapons still equipped to create their own generals, such as new EX Big Joe is a dual stick, but there still may choose to Tieshan previous Big Joe fireball hit land. Q: own generals [force] and [Su] early is how to determine the initial value of A:? Generals EX is based weapons to decide, and six generations like this for each weapon has a [Xi Cooked reference value], the initial value of the role is based on the reference EX weapon +10 to decide and the initial force prime early 100, for example, arc knife reference value is a prime early 60, the initial capacity of the role that hormone as early as 70, the force Specific reference value [Xi] 30 cooked each weapon can look at this page Q: Why do I own generals set the tone of voice, but when transitions occur, or changes back to normal tone A:? which is now known bug One Q: What is the team system is A:? team RS Gold system lets you give your own generals marshalling team, including a monarch, the four men, these forces team debut as a troubled times in the final script. Q: It is said that the generals can replace own public face A:? Not just the public face, even if it is unparalleled military commanders can also replace at CreatMode, select own generals, press Start to build you can choose to let him replace any role in the runescape. After the replacement, the generals name will be replaced with yellow letters displayed character. Note, however, the script for the role of some dead, after you replace it will not happen again. Q: After downloading other people's teams, if you fancy a certain role in the team, he alone can save own generals do A:? Can choose the role of team you want to save, press the triangle button to save the Q: All downloaded to the others pinch generals can own reprocessing it A:? can, any parameter can be freely processed, but if you download the role of components used clothing you have not achieved, then the change will be forced to cancel these components clothing. Q: Some of the names on the edge own generals have stars What is the meaning A:? Own generals that shows this was once used as the player controlled character clearance hegemony over the script, after clearance saved some of the parameters of this role. This role in revising the time, the ability to face and can not be modified, if modified, it will cancel the stars.