How to Store Your Wedding Gown?

All the bride has a wedding gown when she gets married. But usually wedding gown will just wear for once for most of ladies. So comes the question: how to store your wedding gown? Don’t worry, I will give you tips below.
Before doing that, you need to prepare a plastic bag if you want to keep it for a short time. But if you want to keep it for a long time ,do not choose plastic bag, because plastic bags contain chemicals that would break down and stain or scent your garment. And these chemicals can ruin your dress. So be carefully when you choose the box.
First , you need to fold the wedding gown carefully, be sure without creasing it. Be notice that wrap the sleeves under the bodice of the bridal gown, and then fold that back over the skirt, then wrap the skirt up and over the top of the bodice.
Then use acid free tissue paper to place between each of the folds of the dress to help prevent creasing or the fabric touching other parts of the dress. Once you fold it, wrap the wedding gown for more once with the unbleached in the box for storage.
And after you finishing boxed it, slide your wedding dress packaged box on a smooth shelf or in the wardrobe in case of folding it.
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