He Is Not The Enemy In FIFA 16 which was C.Ronaldo said

As we all known that C.Ronaldo and Messi were famous for football. However C.Ronaldo talk Messi that he is not the enemy in FIFA 16. Here is lastest news about it, fut16coin will share it with you.

C.Ronaldo upcoming biography film, some of the details in this film is gradually revealed, including his views on life rival Messi's.

According to the disclosure of friends, in the movie, when it comes C.Ronaldo Messi said: "I looked at him (Messi), does not regard him as a rival, but let me become a better person Likewise, I also let him become a better player. We often play together fifa 16, his game level also let me breath."

Fut16coin think that, as the best two FIFA 16 players in football today, there are already a number of football legend expressed similar views, whether C.Ronaldo, or Messi, they compete with each other to inspire each other to get better, and created a lot of other players difficult item back results.

From this we can knon that no matter what you choose you both have opportunity to win in the game first of all you should have fifa 16 pc coins or orther coins.