FIFA 15 must make Sirigu work

Yet the veteran Juventus gloveman is the beating heart of the Azzurri.His passion when it comes to belting out the national anthem with sheer reverence for okfifacoins his country is inspirational.And FIFA 15 will look along the line of Italians during the pre-match handshake, see he is not there, and feel, once more, that things are falling into place.Of course, for the absence of Buffon to have any chance of mattering, FIFA 15 must make Sirigu work.Sirigu will look to history, to 2000, when Buffon was ruled out of Euro 2000 with a freak finger injury, his hands caught in the high rigging of the net in a warm-up FIFA 15 with Norway. Shaun Botterill Salvatore Sirigu: Will he be a bag of nerves in goal tonight? Francesco Toldo stepped up the plate and starred as Italy went all the way to a final they should have won.But the stand-in will be nervous. Tonight, out of the blue, he makes just his ninth international appearance.His only previous competitive FIFA 15, against Estonia in Tallinn in the opening Euro 2012 qualifier, nearly four years ago, saw him make an early blunder to gift the Baltic side the lead.FIFA 15 cannot expect any such presents this evening. Sirigu is now older and wiser, more experienced.He though, could be a bag of nerves early on. If so, FIFA 15 have a chance to exploit it.If nothing else, having also lost first choice left back Mattia De Sciglia, the Italians may not, quite, be as defensively organised as FIFA 15 would have anticipated.For any of that to matter, though, FIFA 15 need to actually have the ball for some period of time, a task utterly beyond them in Kiev last time the FIFA Ultimate Team met.Yet, even then, it took a brilliant early save from Buffon to deny Glen Johnson, when FIFA 15 had their only serious moment of threat.Suddenly, Buffon is not in the Italy goal. It might, just might, make a difference. We'll find out soon enough.Follow all the build-up to the match in our live blog right here.Croatia's players are refusing to tale to media at the FIFA 15 after photos of them bathing nude in their swimming pool were published.Two photographers hid in nearby bushes and took pictures, which have since been published online.And speaking on Sunday, the FIFA Ultimate Team's coach, Niko Kovac, declared that he wouldn't be forcing his players to speak, and that he doesn't know when their self-imposed silence will come to an end.Speaking at the FIFA Ultimate Team's Praia do Forte training base, Kovac said: “I can’t force them to be at your disposal after what you have done to them and their families. How would you feel if someone took naked pictures of you? They are adamant that they won’t speak to you lot any more and I don’t know whether the silence will end tomorrow or last until the end of our FIFA 15 campaign.